The Company

From an agricultural holding to a machine manufacturer and product developer

Hirl Misch- und Anlagentechnik e.K. is manufacturer of feeding-technologies for cattle and is specialist in the Field of bulk cargo storage.

The company originated from an agricultural holding, which was specialised in the milk production and cattle farming. Since 1618 is the farm in the hands of the family and has today approx. 60 cows in milk with an annually average output of 10 000 kg milk/cow. The Experience from the milk production has a great influence on the development of our feeding technology and the insights from bulk cargo storage as well as the keeping of calves are the base for further development of Hirl products for agriculture and industry.

Our corporate philosophy is since the year one:

"Sustainable management concerning the cycle of the ecosystem"

2016: Further diversification of our product lineup

  • SF Vertikal L: Automotive vertical mixer-wagon with 1 mixing-auger and front mounted milling rotor
  • SF Vertikal XL: Automotive vertical mixer-wagon with 2 mixing-auger and front mounted milling rotor
  • SF Horizontal M: Automotive horizontal mixer-wagon with front mounted milling rotor
  • SF Horizontal S: Automotive horizontal mixer-wagon with rear mounted milling rotor and liftable cabin
Hirl Technik - The company

2012: Hirl automotive diet feeders

  • Delivery of the first Hirl automotive diet feeder
  • The distribution of ALTEC- Products started
Hirl Technik - Company

2011: Hirl mixer-wagons

  • Delivery of the first trailed Hirl mixer wagons
  • Development and production of the automotive Hirl diet-feeder

2010: Hirl Misch- und Anlagentechnik e.K.

  • Start of the Independent production of mixer-wagons including distribution in Mertsee
  • The Hirl Brothers (Alois, Tobias, Christoph) join the family enterprise, the form of the company changed to a GmbH & Co. KG
  • Tobias Hirl become the new managing director
Hirl Technik - Company

1980: Hirl GmbH

  • The Hirl-Landtechnik GmbH was founded
  • Alois Hirl buys in Italy the first mixer-wagon for the own farm
  • A distribution for Italian mixer wagons was established, the company Hirl adjusted the mixer wagons to the German market.
  • The first self-propelled mixer wagons with Italian mixing-tanks were built up in Mertsee
  • The product line-up was expanded - silos and equipment for the cattle farming were from now on in the range of the Hirl Landtechnik
Hirl Technik - Company